Bitcoin is one of the most powerful and widely used virtual currencies around the world. Do you have a well-stocked wallet and want to spend your bitcoins? But you don’t know which purchases to finance? We have 5 cool things you can buy with bitcoins:

1. Online Bet

A first option is to use your bitcoins to bet online. If you like casino games, like slot machines, roulette, poker or blackjack, you will be delighted! On virtual casino sites such as , it is possible to fund your account in bitcoins. It is an excellent alternative to conventional payment methods (credit cards and bank transfers).

Indeed, virtual currency transactions are anonymous and cannot be traced by a third party. This means there is no need to share personal information or verify your identity. In addition, bitcoin transactions are direct and do not go through any intermediary, which allows a significant reduction in associated costs.

2. Finance your next trips

Then, you can completely finance your next vacation with your bitcoin reserve. More and more travel professionals are giving you the option to pay in bitcoins. You then benefit from the same transactional advantages as in virtual casinos.

For example, Expedia (one of the largest travel booking agencies) now accepts bitcoins as a payment method for online hotel reservations. Ditto for the American company CheapAir, which sells plane tickets in bitcoins.

3. Small pleasures of everyday life

In addition, several consumer companies also accept bitcoin payments. This is particularly the case of Starbucks in the United States, via its mobile application. Ditto for other large restaurant chains, such as Papa John’s, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, Cheesecake Factory or Burger King.

In another universe, it is possible to buy Nintendo gift cards or to fund your Xbox account with bitcoins. And many shopping sites (fashion, wellness, interior design, etc.) also accept the BTC.

So do your own research to find out if your favorite brands accept bitcoin payments!

4. Invest to earn more

In addition, you can also not spend your entire wallet. Instead of buying entertainment right away, start investing wisely. That way, they will multiply bitcoins, and you will have even more to spend!

To invest your bitcoins, you have several options:

  • Pure speculation. As with any other currency, it takes time, a good knowledge of the market and an acceptance of the risks involved.
  • Invest in precious metals. Dedicated sites allow you to exchange bitcoins for precious metals. On these day trading platforms , it is possible to receive the value of your bitcoins in gold or silver. Attention, choose a reliable and recognized site.
  • Launching your e-commerce site is another way to invest your bitcoins. Spend your BTC to pay a freelancer who will create your shop, buy interesting products to resell and pay for online advertisements. Of course, offer the bitcoin payment option on your e-commerce site.
  • Lend your bitcoins to a loved one in need. By giving it a low interest rate, you will earn money while doing a good deed.

5. Donate your bitcoins

Finally, spending your bitcoins for yourself is not the only cool way to use them. How about supporting a charity with part of your earnings? Many charities or community organizations accept bitcoins. This is the case, for example, of Wikipedia, the Red Cross and Green Peace.

The advantage of making a donation in bitcoins is that your contribution reaches the recipient safely, without going through a third party. As a result, your funds are transferred in full and potentially help more people.

nother idea is to offer your loved ones gifts funded with bitcoins. To do this, take inspiration from points 2 and 3 of this article. It’s nice to have fun; but sometimes it’s more to spoil your loved ones!


5 choses cool que vous pouvez acheter avec des bitcoins

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